Water - Applications for Licences, Approvals and Amendments
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Use of Water


Administration of Water Rights

New Water Licence Application
Use Approval Application
(Short term use of water not exceeding 24 months)

Water Wells
  Licence Transfer of Ownership or Name Change
Mortgage Security

Abandonment / Amendments (Changes) to an existing Water Licence


Change In and About a Stream

Change of Purpose
Change of Works
Extension of Term
Extension of Time
Transfer of Appurtenancy
  Changes In and About a Stream
Notification & Approval (Section 9)

Provide Additional Information


Abandon Application

Provide Additional Information for your Application

This form allows you to provide the following types of additional information for an existing application which you submitted electronically where the status is "Under Review" in the system.

  1. Correct a mistake in the application. For example: You wrote 100 m3 instead of 10 m3
  2. Provide additional information which was missed in the submission of your original application.
  3. Submit a report or a supporting document.

Abandon Your Application

This form allows to you to cancel an existing application which you submitted electronically.