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What is FrontCounter BC?

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What is FrontCounter BC?

FrontCounter BC is a single window service for clients of provincial natural resource ministries and agencies.

At FrontCounter BC offices across the province, natural resource clients obtain all the information and authorizations they need to start or expand a business.

Staff are highly trained members of a team, brought together to provide accurate and integrated information, customized to the needs of the natural resource client. They are specifically trained and knowledgeable in authorizations required by natural resource clients for mining, forestry, agriculture, water, land, etc. Clients can think of the staff at the counter as their direct link to B.C.'s natural resource ministries and agencies.

A list of authorizations offered through FrontCounter BC, as well as links to application forms are available here.

FrontCounter BC staff act as advocates for timely decisions and responses, and help a client navigate - from start to finish - what can sometimes be a maze of licences, permits and registrations.

Service Where and When It's Needed

In the past, clients of B.C. natural resource ministries and agencies often had to go from agency to agency to obtain their necessary authorizations.

The FrontCounter BC offices simplify the process for individuals or small-to-medium-sized natural resource businesses starting up or already operating.

FrontCounter BC centre staff will:

  • Guide clients through required authorizations.
  • Help clients complete strong application packages.
  • Interpret land information, maps, management plans.
  • Follow-up and track the status of applications filed.
  • Liaise between ministries, agencies, and governments.
  • Begin referral processes with First Nations.
  • Help identify and market economic development opportunities.

Working together to provide better service to British Columbians.