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Fish & Wildlife and Park Use Permits Applications

As of April 1, 2014 FrontCounter BC assumed the responsibilities of the former Permit and Authorization Service Bureau (PASB). As part of the ongoing transition of the work from PASB to FrontCounter BC the following changes have to be made:

Submitting your Fish & Wildlife application

Fish and Wildlife applications and information can be found and submitted through

Submitting your Park Use Permit application

Park Use Permit applications can be found at

Submission by email

You can email the scanned copy of your Park Use Permit application form along with the Credit Card Payment form to

Please do NOT include credit card information in your email or any of the attachments. FrontCounter BC staff will call you and take your payment over the phone as per the information on the Credit Card Payment form.

Submission in person

You can visit any of the FrontCounter BC locations and drop off your Park Use Permit application. Please check the individual office you would like to visit to find out where they are located, when they are open, and what payment methods they accept.

Submission by mail

You can mail your Park Use Permit application to any of the FrontCounter BC offices across the Province. Please make sure that you submit the payment at the same time as the application form by including the Credit Card Payment form or by including your cheque or money order.

Questions and Additional Information

Effective immediately please address any questions you might have to FrontCounter BC instead of PASB: